Shimbashi Soba – Paragon

週末、久しぶりに日本蕎麦を食べたくなりオーチャードのParagon地下にあるShimbashi 「新ばし」に行ってきました。かけ蕎麦、ざる蕎麦、天ぷら蕎麦、色々と揃っていて久しぶりに日本の蕎麦を楽しむことができました。



I went to Shimbashi Soba at Paragon for Japanese traditional soba with my wife. It was quite sometime since I had Japanese soba last time. They serve many different types of Soba including plain warm Soba, cold one, Soba with tempura. We have ordered cold soba with tempura & half boiled egg and warm soba with ume (Japanese apricot) taste. You can also enjoy reading story about Soba and the restaurant while waiting for food to be served.