Suzuki Swift Sport, ZC33S – Dolphin (Shark?) Antenna

スイフトスポーツ ZC33S のポールアンテナをドルフィンアンテナに変更してみました。性能的にはなんら変化なく(むしろ若干受信感度が低下しているかもしれません)、見た目の問題です(しかも、当たり前ですが、自分で運転していると見えません)。





なお私が購入したデザインアンテナ シャークタイプ ZERO シリーズはスイフトスポーツの純正ボディーカラーに近い塗装がされているので違和感がありません。
デザイン・アンテナ スズキ純正カラーシリーズ シャークタイプ ZERO (スピーディーブルーメタリック) DAZ-S-ZWG –

カテゴリー: Car

“Suzuki Swift Sport, ZC33S – Dolphin (Shark?) Antenna” への5件の返信

  1. how is the reception for radio channels above 90.0MHZ? There are quite a lot of channels in that range in Singapore.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.
      I usually listen Kiss 92. I don’t hear much difference between stock antenna and this dolphin antenna.
      So far so good. I like the design of the antenna and standard function as an antenna. 🙂
      Are you interested to get one for your ride?

  2. Thanks for the reply!

    I was looking at the exact same model. The channels i listen to are up to 100.3Mhz, which was what held me back from purchasing the antenna due to the specification for only up to 90.0Mhz.

    I don’t want to bother you too much, but can you give a review of the 100.3Mhz channel clarity please?

    1. I have tried listening different frequency this morning while driving from home to work. I do not hear any problematic noise or unstable signal up to 100.3MHz. It is working pretty fine. For normal usage, I do not think there is any problem at all.
      Are you currently driving ZC33S in Singapore? Can I keep in touch directly through email, if you do not mind?
      We can share more information about ZC33S and accessories. I may have a good deal of this antenna for you from Japan. Feel free to let me know


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